ACYF Expression of Interest

If you are interested in going to ACYF with the St. Monica’s YouthGroup, please contact our Group Coordinator Cheryl Wong (0481 507 169). If you are under 18 you will need to organise a legal guardian for the trip.

ACYF Bake Sale (17th March)

Youth Group will be holding a bake sale on Sunday 17th March after the 9am mass in replacement of morning tea. This bake sale is tofundraise for the Perth ACYF trip. It will be ‘by donation’ so pleasesupport our youth by giving what you can!

ACYF Lunch (17th March)
Youth Group will be taking over lunch in the parish hall after the 11:30am mass on Sunday 17th March to fundraise for the Perth ACYF trip. We greatly encourage you to show your support for their fundraising efforts.
World Youth Day Presentation #2
Abby was unable to present her experience at WYD at the 11:30am Sunday mass last Sunday; instead she will be presenting on 3rdMarch 2019 at the 11:30am and 5:30pm Sunday masses.