Treasures attract! The more attracted we are, the greater we spend our energies to get it! That treasure becomes our top priority. Time to know what attracted us most. This is a relative reality, however, for it appears to be different in each one and in various stages of life. Countless people in the history of humanity left us legacies by pursuing their dreams and what matters most in their lives. We have great examples in our midst! They are our witnesses. Remember the saints like St. Francis of Assisi, or even Ghandi, or Nelson Mandela or that Monk who sold his Ferrari, Robin Sharma. We don’t have to go that far, we have today our brothers and sisters who offered and died for the greatest treasure they found, the kingdom of God, Jesus Christ. Not long ago we heard the news of the Missionaries of Charity sisters who were killed in Yemen for the sake of love of the poorest of the poor. The ones who silently died to themselves for the sake of love of Jesus and our brothers and sisters in need. We call them martyrs.

What is common among them? They fell in love with what they discovered, the hidden treasure! There’s an amazing revelation in the first reading this Sunday (1 Kings 3:5, 7-12). King Solomon pleased God by his request. Given a chance to ask from God, he revealed his heart’s desire- not long life, not riches, nor life of the enemies. He asked for an understanding heart to judge and distinguish right from wrong. This is wisdom hidden behind all what his eyes could see which are the riches and power of his kingdom. It is wisdom to acknowledge his youthfulness and inadequacies and rely on God alone. He discovered the hidden treasure. This wisdom became also the source of God’s abundant blessing to him.

St. Paul in the second reading (Romans 8:28-30) affirms that everything turns out good for those who love God and are called to love. Indeed, when we fall in love with God, all other “loves” will fall into its right order. He will give us the wisdom that surpasses anything else in this world. After all, wisdom leads us to the fullness of life. It is wisdom when we find deep peace and joy in our hearts. Do we value these hidden treasures?

This Sunday’s Gospel (Matthew 13:44-52) continues to unfold the secrets of the mystery of the kingdom of God in the parables of Jesus. The first two parables talk about the joy of finding the treasure and giving up everything to acquire it.
This treasure is the kingdom of God. This treasure is Jesus Christ himself! He is the gift of the Father to all. In him, God gives himself as a gift to us. Are we attracted to this hidden treasure, the Wisdom of God in Jesus? Are we pursuing it? If so, then let us spend our energies, time and effort to get it!

— Fr Regie, MSP