Catholic Teachings

Catechism of the Catholic Church – a document that summarises the beliefs and teachings of the Catholic Church
Papal Encyclicals – letters from the Pope which explain teachings of the Church on different topics and issues
Bishop Robert Barron - brief and insightful video commentaries on faith and culture by Catholic theologian and author Bishop Robert Barron

Catholic News and Media

Catholic Outlookthe official publication of the Diocese of Parramatta
Catholic Weeklya NSW Catholic news publication
Australian Catholics – a publications for schools and parishes to explore Catholicism in today’s world, helping schools deepen and extend their faith formation activities
Catholic Link - a website that provides videos and articles that aim to help spread the Gospel, especially with the younger audience

Paschal candle at St Monica's

Statue of the Jesus' Passion

For Young People

Catholic Youth Services (Sydney Archdiocese) – aiming to help youth and young people develop a stronger relationship with Christ, the Church and one another
Lifeteen – a movement based in the US which aims to bring teenagers and their families closer to Christ

Catholic Social Justice and Outreach organisations

St Vincent de Pauls - a Catholic organisation that assists people in need and combats social injustice across Australia
Catholic Care Social Services – an organisation of the Parramatta Diocese that provides support for people in Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains
Caritas Australia – the international aid and development agency of the Catholic Church in Australia
Catholic Mission – the Australian mission aid agency of the Catholic Church