Whether you're a regular parishioner, a local resident in North Parramatta, or a visitor, we welcome all people to attend our Mass at St Monica's Parish North Parramatta.

Sunday Mass
Saturday Vigil 5pm
Sunday 9:00am
Sunday 11:30am (Chinese Mass)
Sunday 6:00pm

Weekday Masses
Tuesday - Friday 9:15am

Visit our Contact Us page for details on how to get to St Monica's via car and public transport.

Inside St Monica's church

People at Mass

Attending mass

Haven’t been to mass before? Or it’s been a while? Here are a few tips to make your experience smoother.

> Arrive 5-10 mins before mass starts to give yourself enough time to find a seat and settle in
> Participate in the mass as much as you can. The more you participate, the more you’ll get out of your experience.
> Sitting, standing, kneeling – these different positions during mass reflect the attitudes one should be in for parts of the mass. If you’re unsure when to do what, just follow the people around you.
> At Communion – only people who are baptised and practicing Catholics may go and receive the Holy Communion. If you are not, you can stay in your seat to pray and reflect; or you can go to the priest with your arms across your chest to receive a blessing.
> Most of all – relax and pray. Going to mass is about spending time with God, so take the opportunity to take a break from your busy life, and simple spend time with God - talking with Him and listening to Him.