Dear parishioners,

Peace and love in Jesus Christ!

“The joy of the Gospel fills the hearts and lives of all who encounter Jesus.” (Pope Francis, EG 1). Mother Teresa of Calcutta constantly remind me to see the face of Jesus in others. With this in mind, I moved to this beautiful parish community, and behold I saw Jesus’ face in your welcoming gestures. Someone asked me, how’s the reception of the people father? Instantly I said, they have a very Christian hospitality! I am awed by the atmosphere and spirit of openness and warmth that you have shown. It reflects the call of Pope Francis for the Churches to be inclusive and so people are welcomed and feel their belongingness.

The Holy Eucharist that we celebrate magnifies this reality. We are all gathered in the table of the Lord where everyone is welcomed. We are nourished by the love of the Father in Jesus Christ, in the Word of God we proclaim and the Communion we receive. We are truly one Body of Christ sharing our different gifts and charisms. Here, in our celebrations, we are united in love, we share our joys and sorrows, our hopes and consolations trusting always in the love and mercy of God.

I bring with me as I begin my ministry of shepherding the community, my own gifts and charisms God has entrusted to me. I would like to encourage you then to share yours in our parish we call home. We journey together in the path of Jesus leading us to the Father. Let us walk together in Jesus, let us listen carefully to his words, and let us find life, solace and hope in him who has given up his life for the sake of love and our salvation.

Lastly, let us allow the Holy Spirit to lead us in our journey. Let us allow the flame of fire to burn in our hearts with love for God and for one another, the breath of God to refresh us, and so even in this troubled world we can rest our souls in Him who will never abandon and leave us. I am deeply grateful indeed to Bishop Vincent who put his trust in me to become your shepherd. God bless us all!

Yours truly in Christ,

Fr Regie