What is the Australian Catholic Youth Festival?

ACYF is the largest nationwide gathering of Australian Catholic youths. It occurs every two years and provides a platform for youths to come together, celebrate the vitality of the Catholic Church in Australia, deepen their relationship with Jesus and be empowered to be disciples in the world today.

The first ACYF was held in 2013 in the Archdiocese of Melbourne. Since then, it has been held in Adelaide (2015) andSydney (2017). This year’s ACYF will take place from 8th-10th December 2019 at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre (21 Mounts Bay Road, Perth, WA 6000).

What happens at ACYF?

Over the three days attendees will be able to participate in a number of workshops, hear from speakers talk about diverse faith-related topics and explore an Expo with stalls run by church ministries, missionaries and organisations from all across Australia. Activities run from approximately 9:30am to 8:30pm each day, and it is up to each group how they wish to plan out their days in order to get the most out of their ACYF experience.

How do I register?

Registrations for ACYF will open next month (March) and can be made at www.youthfestival.org.au. There will be a group from St.Monica’s who will be going to the Perth ACYF and registering together (please refer to the Youth Announcements if interested in joining). If you wish to go as an individual, you are more than welcome to, provided that you are aged 18-30. Those under 18 must register as part of a group in order to go. The cost to register is based on geographical diocese location; for the Diocese of Parramatta, the cost will be $220 per person. Please note that registration does not include flights, meals or accommodation – these will be additional costs to the attendee. For more information please visit: www.youthfestival.catholic.org.au