About St Monica’s

Welcome to St Monica’s Parish North Parramatta, a parish of the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta in Western Sydney.

History of St Monica’s

The foundation stone for the first St Monica’s Church was laid on 24 July 1888 at North Parramatta then known as the District of Waitematta. This name came from an aboriginal word meaning ‘clear spring water.’ A small church was then built and was officially opened on 16 January 1889; the church could hold about 150 people.

For 5 years St Monica’s was served by the priests from St Patrick’s at Parramatta. In 1894, Fr James Mahoney was chosen as the first pastor of Waitematta parish. The small church served the parishioners well and an extension was added in 1917 so the church could then hold 220 persons.

However over the years it became apparent that a new church was needed. After much financing discussion and building work, the current St Monica’s Church was opened on 13 November 1960. The old church faced Church St while our new church faces North Rocks Rd.

The plaque on the outside wall at the front of the church indicates the centenary celebration of the parish 1894-1994.

(Reference: The Ancient Inn of Waitematta (The Story of St Monica’s Nth Parramatta)